Shopping Bag recycled PET

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Origin: CN

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Shopping bag made of post-consumer rPET

Printed with Ramboll and Bright ideas. Sustainable change on both sides and on the sidepanels.

Size: 35 x 33,5 x 17 cm

About Recycled polyester (rPET)
rPET is recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic that is used to make packaging, such as plastic bottles and food containers. After the original PET containers are used by consumers, they are returned via a recycling program to a facility that sorts, cleans, and transforms the plastic into rPET flakes or pellets. The rPET flakes/pellets can then be reused to make new products, such as fiber for clothing and carpets or plastic for food and beverage containers.
Using recycled content has many significant environmental advantages. Such as reducing energy consumption and reduction of finite resources, reducing the carbon footprint. For every ton of recycled plastic, there will be saved approx. 3.8 barrels of raw-oil.
Colour: Black
Logo: Ramboll + Bright ideas. Sustainable change.
Material: RPET
Size: 35 x 33,5 x 17 cm

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