Simply Chocolate bar, Vegan 10g

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Danish produced Chocolate with salted almonds packed in flowpack. The chocolate bar is gluten free and vegan.

With Rambøll logo. Perfect for events.

Simply Chocolate is part of "Cocoa Horizons", a non-profit organization working to ensure that the cocoa farmers, their families and the local communities surrounding the cocoa fields thrive and have the opportunity to better their lives. This makes our chocolate bars a bit more expensive than the rest of the pack but we don’t want to produce and sell chocolate with an aftertaste of underpayment of human beings and exploitation of nature.

Simply Chocolate have their own solar panel system that makes them 100% energy self-sufficient in their production.

Simply Chocolate take their responsibilities very serious and for the last couple of years we have been – and still is – on a journey with full attention to fair trades for their cocoa farmers, their families and local communities, the environment, reduction of CO2. To name a few.
Production country: Denmark

Flavour: Premium dark chocolate with salted almonds
Weight: 10 gram
Design: Rambøll design printed on the flowpack.

Ingredients: Please attached PDF files

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