Female seal figure

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Female seal is a playful and decorative seal in oak. The raw and simple expression of the female seal, which the pure wood gives, is perfectly complemented by a more childish aesthetic expression that works optimally as a decoration on shelves, window sills and chests of drawers. It is interior that appeals to both children and adults.
The unique thing about the female seal figure is that its head is movable, so you can create many different expressions by tilting the seal's head in different directions.

Female seal draws threads to the strong Danish and Nordic tradition of animal design and interior with animals. It evokes memories of walks on the beach when the cute spotted seals suddenly stick their heads out of the sea or lie and sunbathe on rocks or sandbanks.

It is Chresten Sommer's ambition that his design should bring joy and create a warm atmosphere. With his seals in warm, dark wood, he hits the spot and delivers interiors that make a difference in your home.

Material: Oak, natural rubber.
The seal's dimensions: 18.6 x 14 x 8.6 cm
Box Dimensions: 19.9 x 28.7 x 5.9 cm.
Female seal is a unique handmade and hand-assembled wooden product that will have variations from version to version.
Clean with a damp cloth.
For better maintenance, use beeswax regularly on the wood product.

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