Inferno Padel Classic

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Super nice paddle bat from ZERV that fits well with several player types!

The paddle bat comes in a super bold and stylish black design with gold details!
ZERV Inferno Padel Classic is a cannon all-round paddle bat in really good quality and nice design!
The bat can be used to advantage by both beginners and the more experienced paddle players. This is due to the shape of the bat and the technologies in it which both make it easy to handle, but also help you to run well on the track!

The round shape of the bat gives it a really good balance between control and power, which helps to make it an excellent paddle bat! You also get a great sweetspot which makes it easier for you to deliver a lot of super good shots!

This bat has a 'Glass Fiber Frame' as the frame is made of fiberglass. The surface of the bat is coated with 'Pro 3K Glass Fiber', which means that the bat can be held easily while at the same time achieving a greater degree of elasticity in the bat, which makes it easier to master the ball.

In the core of the paddle batt you will find 'EVA Core Foam', a core of high quality foam. A relatively light core where the ball has the opportunity to go a little into the bat, thereby achieving greater comfort when you play at the same time with a good feeling with the ball.

Built into the bat is also our Curved Holes Technology, this alternative distribution of holes, where they bend slightly inwards, increases the maneuverability of the bat and helps you to deliver more effective strokes.
An excellent paddle bat which has both good control and power in it and which with the round shape gives you a good sweet spot!
Material: Glass fiber
Leash: At the end of the paddle bat, there is a leash that you can take around your wrist, thus ensuring that the bat does not fly out of your hand in the heat of battle.

Delivered without cover!

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